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we produce clean energy


With Asja Market, a company of the Asja Group enjoying accreditation on the IT platform of the GME - electricity market manager- Asja sells energy from renewable sources.

Asja Market was born to become the ideal partner of all business enterprises that want to tackle the challenges and opportunities stemming from energy liberalization. An energy/green certificate trading company, Asja Market can offer its clients tailor made consultancy services to optimize energy consumption. Furthermore, Asja Market provides assistance to those who wish to have green energy supplies for their homes.

Why choose Asja Market?

Because we only sell renewable energy and because switching to Asja Market is easy: just mail us, and we will take care of everything for you.

Why buy green energy from Asja Market?

To give your contribution to climate protection. Indeed, using energy produced from renewable sources can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

To enhance corporate communication and testify to your company’s Corporate Responsibility by choosing an energy supply solution that can contribute to environmental protection.

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